Connect Twitter To Facebook Page

In among our previous post, we showed you the best ways to connect the Twitter account to the Facebook profile. Today we are going to show you ways to connect Twitter to Facebook page so that you're Tweets, and Retweets will immediately publish on your fan page. Are you an admin of a Facebook page, or do you have a Facebook fan page?

At the time of composing this post, Twitter permits you to link Twitter to Facebook fan page; it will allow your Tweets and Retweets on Twitter to publish to Facebook fan page immediately. If you wish to link Twitter to Facebook Fan page, there are 2 actions you ought to follow. However, if you have currently linked your Twitter account to Facebook profile, then the initial step is not for you.

Primary level:


1. Login to the Twitter account that you wish to link to Facebook with your login qualifications.

connect twitter to facebook page

2. Click your profile image situated on the top right of the Twitter homepage.

link twitter to facebook business page

3. Go to the settings.
connect twitter to facebook page not personal profile

4. Scroll down, left wing find "Apps". Click Apps and the list of applications will appear.
connect twitter to facebook page not profile

5. Find and click a link to Facebook.

6. Enter your Facebook login information, however, if you have currently visited Facebook, you would not see this.

7. You will see a timely notifying you that Twitter will get particular info from your Facebook account. Continue Twitter to Facebook.

8. Then, you need to set your personal privacy settings. Set the individual privacy settings as you choose. On own privacy settings is where you manage those you can to see your Tweets and Retweets whenever it's published to your Facebook wall. The personal privacy settings are on the pass by default.

9. To finish the connection, click all right. Now that you have effectively connected Twitter to Facebook follow step 2 to connect Twitter to Facebook page.
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2nd Action:


1. Go to Twitter Apps settings.
connect twitter to facebook page only

2. Under Facebook link, click "permit" as the program on the image above.

3. Select the Facebook Fan page you wish to get in touch with Twitter.

4. Now your Tweets and Retweets will instantly publish to the Facebook fan page. The kindly share was utilizing our sharing buttons.