Change Last Name On Facebook

Are you intending on change last name on Facebook when you get married? If so, you'll have a lot of types to submit, from upgrading your chauffeur's license to upgrading your energy expenses. Thankfully, Facebook makes it a lot easier to alter your name than the Social Security Administration.

Here are the best ways to change last name on Facebook in 3 easy actions

1. Modification your Show Call

Before you alter your screen name, think of how you 'd like your name to appear to your Facebook buddies in their newsfeeds. You have a couple of choices; I'll utilize my name as an example (Freedman is my first name, and Urban is my married name).
  1. Diana Urban
  2. Diana Freedman Urban
  3. Diana Freedman-Urban
When you're all set, click the little down arrow at the top-right side of the screen and choose Account Settings.

change last name on facebook

Then click Edit in the Name row. Once again, I'll reveal you my settings as an example.

Alternative 1: Diana Urban.

If I desired my name to look like Diana Urban, I would modify the surname field. Then I would enter my previous name, Diana Freedman, in the Alternate name field.

change last name on facebook app

With this alternative, my name would look like Diana Urban in good friends' newsfeeds. However, my first name would appear in parenthesis on my profile, and individuals would still have the ability to discover me through Facebook search if they looked for "Diana Freedman.".

change last name on facebook to one letter
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Alternative 2: Diana Freedman Urban.

If I desired my name to look like Diana Freedman Urban, I would include Freedman to the Middle name field, and choose "Diana Freedman Urban" from the Show from the drop-down menu.

change last name on facebook to initial

These assists keep your Facebook buddies from being puzzled about who you are. Whenever somebody quickly alters their name on Facebook, it's a bit complicated, particularly if their Facebook profile photo isn't a clear closeup. Not all your Facebook pals will understand your other half's name, so in this manner, they'll see the brand-new name after your initial name and will make the connection.

Choice 3: Diana Freedman-Urban.

If you're formally altering your name to buy hyphenated, this is an alternative for you. In this case, I would modify the Surname field to be Diana Freedman-Urban.

married change last name on facebook

2. Modification your Facebook Username (Vanity URL).

Back on the Account Settings page, you can likewise alter your Username. This is the URL that individuals can enter to discover you. Click Edit in the Username row, then key in your brand-new URL.

how to change last name on facebook

You might discover that your brand-new name is currently taken. Mine was taken, so I chose to keep my Facebook URL the very same. However, if you can take up your brand-new name, go all out!

3. Modify your Main Email Address

If you likewise altered your e-mail address to show your brand-new name, you ought to upgrade your e-mail address in Facebook. Click Edit in the Email row (likewise in Account Settings), and follow these actions:.

  • Click Include another e-mail.
  • Enter your brand-new e-mail address and conserve your modifications.
  • Your brand-new e-mail address will then look like a Select first choice. Select this brand-new e-mail address and save your changes once again.
  • Next, you might wish to erase your old e-mail address. If so, just click Eliminate beside your old e-mail address. Conserve your modifications.

That's it! Keep in mind that if you have a Facebook fan page on your own, you will NOT have the ability to alter the name of that page or its vanity URL. Please let me understand if you have any concerns in the remarks listed below!