Block Game Invites Facebook

Are you tired getting Facebook video game welcomes ten times a day from individuals you hardly understand? Yes? Well continued reading, as I'm going to inform you the best ways to end those annoying alerts at last!

The Best Ways to Block Game Invites Facebook Welcomes On iPhones

1. Introduce the Facebook application.

2. Strike the "More" bottom in the bottom best corner of the app.

3. Scroll to the end of the list and tap "Settings.".

4. Struck "Alerts.".

5. Under the area "How You Get Notices," tap on "Mobile Push.".

6. Uncheck the alternatives that state "Application Demands" and "Application Welcomes.

Voila! You'll not get those frustrating demands. To make this procedure even easier, I'll offer a screenshot of the actions I only set out above.

block game invites facebook
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If you wish to eliminate another type of notices (i.e., not merely free ones), then go back to step 5 of the above guidelines. From there, go to "On Facebook" or "Email" rather of "Mobile Push" to limit proper notices you get on the non-mobile Facebook site and in your e-mail inbox.

If you only wish to switch off specific apps that appear in your notes box, the service facts and simple. Merely hover over the alert and click the "x." The following screenshot demonstrates how to do that.

how to block game requests from friends on facebook

That's it. With luck, you'll not be plagued by block game invites Facebook. Delighted Facebooking!