How to Report a Scammer on Facebook

Now, often happens a crime in the social networking especially Facebook. Facebook does have a lot of benefits for us all, even my friend using Facebook 24 hours non-stop. We can easily find friends, with facilities that give fairly complete there are also Facebook online chat, video chat, and many facilities provided by Facebook.

Before I give a tutorial on how to report a scammer on Facebook, I'd submitted little tips so that you're not gullible on Facebook or other social media. Check out the tips below.

  1. When you became acquainted with someone, you don't easily believe your profile photo. Please check the completeness of the information on a Facebook account.
  2. You can match a profile photo with photo albums that are on the Facebook profile. Whether many of the photos is not the same as the profile picture that Facebook account.
  3. Do not easily believe if she invites you to meet, forcing you to buy the stuff that she can offer or excessive promotions with discounts that are not reasonable.

That's a little tip that I can give to you. Then, if you are cheated by the fake account or you already know if Facebook account that is only used to cheat, you can report it to Facebook. The following steps:
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How do you report a fake profile on Facebook?

  • Please visit the Facebook website and please log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to the Facebook account that you think it's fake.
  • Click the existing menu icon in the lower right corner of the cover photo.

  • Select it and click the "Report" that is in the drop down.
  • On the next page, please select and click on "Report this profile"
  • After that, click "Continue"

  • The next page will appear, please click the "This is a fake account"
  • And click "Continue"

  • After that, click "Submit to Facebook for Review".
  • And the last step, click "Done"

You can report a false account used to trick Facebook users. And I was also given tips to avoid scams on Facebook.

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you.