How to Make a Collage of Pictures on Facebook

Had a lot of photo memories on Facebook, but confused what to do? Then you have just seen it, to make it more interesting, you can try making a photo collage of photos. For the uninitiated, the collage is a term in the world of photography to combine two or more images into a single fruit where the pictures will look for mutual overlap.

photo collage for facebook pictures

Well, on this occasion I will explain how to make a picture collage on Facebook easily using the online application named Loupe Collage. With this application, you can easily create a collage of photos of you on Facebook or from photos of Facebook friends you.

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How to Make a Photo Collage on Facebook

1. First, please visit the website of the Loupe Collage

2. Once it starts to make a photo collage by clicking "Add Photos"

photo collage on facebook

3. After that, you need to connect the Loupe Collage with your Facebook account. The trick with the click of a button "Connect with Facebook"

how do you make a collage on facebook

4. After that it will appear a pop-up that asks you to log in to your facebook account, please enter data log in your facebook account such as email address and password from your facebook account.

how to make collage on facebook

5. If you've managed to access your facebook account in Loupe Collage, please select the photo source you are going to make a collage in the "Choose photos from" you can also see your friends ' profile pictures on facebook with the way select the "You" and select folder "Friends"

how to make a collage for facebook

6. Next, select one by one friends' photos that you will make a collage.

7. And if it is finished, click "Done"

8. Arriving at this step you can see the results of the collage you created, you will see a variety of shape collage-like  love, animals, etc. Please select in accordance with your wishes.

how to make a picture collage on facebook

9. If you are not to your liking, you can shift and draw the position of each photo. To the left of the page there is also a toolbar that functions to add photos, provide the background, border, etc.

how to make a collage of pictures on facebook

10. After you have finished organizing it and to store it, please click on "Save"

11. Next, enter the title and description of the photo, then click "Save" again.

facebook collage feature

12. Now you can download it by clicking the "Download" Please select "low resolution" (free for members) to store the photo collage to your computer.

Hopefully, this article can help you and hopefully could become reference material for you. Thank you and good luck.