How to Copy and Paste on Facebook

How to copy and paste on facebook - If you are utilizing Facebook on mobile phones, then you are absolutely utilizing it on Facebook apps. Due to the fact that apps are produced us really user-friendly. We get notices for each activity, that's an amazing function of Facebook apps, You might constantly connect with your social networks buddies. Like this function, there are lots of other helpful functions likewise in contrast with usually utilizing Facebook on your web browsers.

However, apart from these amazing functions, there is one significant downside of this app is that you cannot copy and paste from this app. In some cases, it's really unpleasant when you like something intriguing to copy on your notepad or wish to share on other social platforms like WhatsApp, twitter.

Off course you can do it, however, not with apps, you can do copy and paste using web internet browsers. That's the reason that today I am going to share a technique to do it in an extremely simple method without jailbreaking of your iPhone/iPad. I did it with the aid of my bro Rajeev. He assisted me a lot to make it easier. Then I chose to compose a post on this subject. So here is that technique.

how to copy and paste on facebook

Approach 1- Copy-Paste on Facebook Apps Utilizing Facebook Messenger.

Action 1. Open Your Facebook App on your iPhone/iPad. Select the post which you wish to share.
Action 2. You'll discover 3 alternatives here like, remark and share, simply listed below the post.

Action 3. Click "Share". Now click "Copy Connect to Post".

how to copy and paste on facebook on ipad

Step 4. Now open your Facebook Messenger app and choose yourself to chat. Simply paste the link, which you had actually copied from Facebook app.

Step 5. Open that link in your messenger, Now you have the ability to copy text from here. Cheers !!

how to copy and paste on facebook app

Action 6. After copying text, you can quickly paste on your wall from Facebook app or other platform.

facebook copy and paste status

That's it. It's time to enjoy this little technique of copy and paste text from Facebook app on iPhone without opening your internet web browser. Really, share alternative is presently developing iOS Facebook Apps, still waiting it to appear on android Facebook apps likewise in next coming updates.
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Approach 2- Utilizing Screenshot and OCR [for Android and iPhone]

Due to updates, previous technique might not work perpetuity or work easily without doing anything, however you are landed here to find out all possibilities of ways to copy and paste texts from facebook apps.

So here is another approach.
1. First, take the screenshot of the text from the FB app screen.
2. Now download any OCR (optical character reader) app from play shop or iTunes.
3. When set up, open the screenshot in OCR app. This app will check out all the texts from your image and transforms it into editable type. Now copy the text and utilize it.

It sounds laborious! Yes, it is.
However, this technique is working for both iPhone and Android phone.

Approach 3. From Your Mobile Web browser.

It is an evergreen approach for all gadgets. I understand most the folks understand this, however, I'm explaining it here for those who do not know. So exactly what is this technique?

  1. Simply open your internet browser on your mobile phone.
  2. Login to your Facebook account.
  3. From here you can copy anything from facebook whatever you desire simply by going to any post and long press anywhere and you'll get choice to copy text.

Now you discovered the best how to copy and paste on facebook on the iPhone, iPad or Android phones. Utilize any of your options and share your experience with us. If I'll get other much easier working approach, absolutely I'll share here so remain in touch with us.

UPDATE: Update your Facebook app and you will get this function in the app itself. No have to follow above approaches.