How Do I Change My Age On Facebook

When you register for a Facebook account you are asked to get in the info about how do i change my age on facebook.

Most of Facebook users will most likely get that right, however, it can occur that you select the incorrect date either inadvertently or on function if you do not wish to expose your real age to the social networking website.

This might cause problems in the past, for example when Facebook asked for recognition to show your presence to them, or when you saw that the incorrect birthday was connected with your profile.

Modification your birthday on Facebook

how do i change my age on facebook

Facebook made it a lot simpler just recently when it concerns altering the birthday. Formerly, it did not enable you to alter the birthday straight utilizing the edit profile choice offered on the website which implied you needed to ask for a modification rather (the old guide is connected to the post).

This is not the case luckily, which indicates that you can alter the birthday on Facebook straight and without hold-up at any time, offered you have access to your profile.

Here is exactly what you have to do:

  1. Open your Facebook Profile page. You can do that by clicking your name beside browse at the top of any Facebook page.

  2. Select "Update Details" on the page. You discover the link in the header location on the right of your name.

  3. Change to the "Introduction" choice when the "about area" opens on Facebook.

  4. There you discover noted your existing birthday. Move the mouse cursor over it, and choose "modify your contact and standard information" link that appears with the left mouse button.

  5. Find "Standard Details" on the page and move the mouse cursor over the birth date or birth year. When you do so, an edit alternative appears. Click it.

  6. Modification the birth month, year and day and click the "conserve modifications" button later on.
Congratulations, you have actually simply altered the birthday on Facebook.

Old post with out-of-date details.

When you lastly discover that the alternative is readily available under Edit Profile, you will discover that the birthday is not editable there.

how many times can you change your age on facebook

Why is it obstructed? The most likely factor is to obstruct users from altering their birthday from altering it whenever they seem to like it and to obstruct minors attempting to make themselves grownups on the website.
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This is nevertheless a concern if you have actually mistakenly picked the incorrect birthday. How can you alter it if not in the Facebook profile?

The only method to alter your date of birth on Facebook is to get in touch with the Facebook assistance group to make them alter it for yours.

Facebook has actually provided a type of that demand which you can access here.

how to change my age on facebook

Here you have to pick the brand-new birth date and go into a factor for the modification. The most likely factor is that you have actually made a mistake throughout account production. It is most likely that the very first demand will be approved if you utilize that factor for altering the birthday.

There is no informing how Facebook will respond if you utilize the type several times throughout the years. It is most likely that they will reject the 2nd or 3rd demand unless you supply them with an excellent factor for the how do i change my age on facebook.