How to Insert Facebook Icon for Website?

Facebook might be one of the biggest social network platforms in the world which more than 1.8 billion people using it. Getting lots of friends on the Facebook then become some kind of pride. You want to connect everyone from any platform on your Facebook. Here, the blog is one of the options. Insert Facebook icon for the website will help you extending the social experience of your visitors so they can interact more with you.

Here is the tutorial on how to insert Facebook icon for the website page. You can use widgets and code snippets as tools to use Facebook on your website.

1. Facebook Profile Information Display
Usually, people put their Facebook profile badges at the left side of the blog. It is very easy, you just need to copy “Profile Badges” code then paste it to your website.

  • Open “Profile Badges” page on your Facebook. In the left of the page, you will see several options of badges including widgets home, like badges, profile badges, and photos badges.

  • For example, you choose profile badges. Click on the option and there will be 3 options to choose where to add the badge like Blogger, TypePad, or other. If you don’t use the first two, you can select the “Other” button.

  • You will see the HTML code in the field below. Highlight-copy-then paste it on your website. If you use WordPress blog, you can insert the code into HTML widget on the sidebar.

  • Click save and you can check your Facebook profile has been placed on the sidebar of the blog page. The profile information display on your blog will follow every change or update you make on your Facebook profile.

  • For your information, you can also choose to insert “Photo badge” or “Like Badge” on your website. Photo badge will display your recently added photos, not you profile update. Meanwhile, Like Badges share sites that have been liked by you to your website visitors.

How to Insert Facebook Icon for Website?

2. Visitors Can Share Your Blog Content
“Like” widgets is a must thing to be on blog or website. Similar to Facebook timeline, this widget is placed to help visitors share articles or other posts on your website

  • First, you need to navigate to your Facebook widgets page. There are 2 options: Like link and Like box. Like link will show you the numbers of people who like your page and like the box is used to let the visitors like your Facebook page.

  • For Like button, just simply copy the URL and select the widget for the area of your site. You can click “Get Code” to finish it.

  • After copying to the page you like to use it, check the preview to see if the icon has appeared or not.

It’s very simple, isn’t it?