Temporarily Disable Facebook Account

This time I will discuss on how to disable facebook account. Facebook is a social network which can never be abandoned because it's so fun and as the healer sense of loneliness. Wherever and whenever if connected to the internet the first thing that opened is a social networking facebook. Whether it's important or not, always take the time to open the wall a facebook account.

In any situation for sure think of a message, or notifications from facebook especially if your message or your comments to your girlfriend, sure always think of what a reply from messages that you send to your girlfriend's Facebook account. Moreover, if we have the job associated with the internet. The concentration of employment would not be the focus.

As we know, facebook is a friend of our daily that exciting. However, sometimes there are also people who have another flurry of probably being focused on the thesis, the work, or the inner problem so someone does not want to be disrupted by social networking.
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To overcome this, facebook has provided facilities in order to deactivate facebook account are its nature temporary. How to deactivate facebook account is very easy. Therefore, on this occasion will discuss how to deactivate facebook account temporarily, here's the steps:

How to Disable Facebook Account Temporarily 

How do i deactivate my facebook account?

  • Please sign in to your facebook account.
  • Then click on the icon "More" as shown below. After that, click "Settings".

how to delete facebook
  • Next, please click on the "Security".

how to deactivate facebook
  • Then on the option "Deactivate your account", please click "Edit". After that, click "Deactivate your account".

deactivate facebook
  • Next, the display will appear as shown below. Please enter your facebook account password, and then click "Deactivate Now".

how to deactivate facebook account
  • After that, you must choose a reason to deactivate your Facebook account. Next, click "Confirm".

deactivate facebook account

  • Complete! Now your Facebook account have been deactivated.

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Tutorial about how to deactivate my facebook account above is very easy to do even though you are a new user. Hopefully, this article can help you.

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