Cover Page for Facebook | How to Create a Cover Page

Facebook as one of the largest and most popular social media in the world with the development of technology experiencing change both in terms of design as well as functionality. One of them is facebook functions as a media promotion and selling that is promising to bring a transaction.

Online advertising is not new at this time, whatever we can make as a promotional medium in this digital world, one of it is the profile or facebook fans page. This article will discuss something viral and played an important role in marketing your business, Yes, cover or cover photo.
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Based on the author's experience in creating an account for promotion, the cover is the part that gets the most Like after photo profiles.

Anything that makes the cover of gets much Like or positive response from visitors. Following This tips.

Best Cover Page for Facebook

1.Discover Unique Ideas

The problems that often arise when wanting to install a cover photo in social media is finding the right image to been as the cover photo. The solution is to start thinking.

First, think in advance what topics from your facebook account. For example, you want to sell the flower on facebook, then, that the subject is a flower.

Second, start to check out the sites – sites of competitors, see their beautiful images for facebook cover page. If there are interesting and unique, you can do techniques (observe, blackouts, and modification).

In determining those ideas, images are used we recommend is photos of your product that has a high resolution....

Okay, we assume You've already found the idea. In this article, the idea is the flower.

2. Use The Words To Taste

Often we see a facebook account with the words that made our eyes are poignant. Various colors and small writings used as cover. Avoid the use of things like this, try to use words to taste. Generally, the most caught attention is the words motivation.

For the theme of the trademark, the words that were on the cover facebook either to the point and should not appear that we are selling something. You can enter a sentence that contains a solution to a problem, for example, "a beautiful Room with flowers" for the product of the flower.

3. Soft Selling

Facebook is a social media for sharing and socializing. Then, keep using facebook dominant for things – things that relate to socialization.

For marketing the sale, we can apply the techniques of soft selling to attract users of facebook in order to purchase the products being sold.

Soft selling in a facebook cover can be the form of the word that containing a solution of a problem. Avoid the use of the words such buy, for sale, and the price on the cover of your facebook.

4. Background and Product

To increase the professionalism of Your cover, we recommend using background cover with dark colors and the bright writing. Try the colors used is not the striking colors and between the letters and the background should be visible.

Try to let the cover is dominated by a photo of your product. For example, the sale of flower, then, put the cover on a flower without a word – the word suggestive sell.

5. Give The Arrow

Today they cannot be bought. The other day they might need it. With the arrow, we will continue to stalk them, lest they someday if need it buys at us.

What does the arrow mean?. The arrow is meant is that we give arrow on the cover that leads to keys Like or follows.
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Enough of all this discussion of the Cover Page for Facebook. Hopefully, with this article, you could maximize your facebook fanpage. Please visit this site right here. Thank you.