Yahoo Mail Create Account | How To Create New Yahoo Account

From some of the provider email services, this time I will discuss details regarding the Yahoo Mail, starting from what is the email YMail and how to create a yahoo email. The following explanation about Email Yahoo Mail so that you better know the service on this one. How many communities use the internet for so many activities that can be done on the internet, among other mutual sends a message.

Many people switch to using electronic messages or Electronic Mail (Email) because they sense their use more practical and economical. We just need the internet to access it then we can directly send various forms such as message files, audio, video and more.

What Is Yahoo! Mail (YMail)?

Understanding about the definition of the email according to Wikipedia is a provider of electronic mail (webmail) from Yahoo!. It is the largest provider of electronic mail on the Internet with millions of users, however, Yahoo Mail has great competitors such as Windows Live Hotmail, Gmail and AOL Mail.

On March 8, 1997, the Yahoo acquisition of an online communication services company named Four11. One product of Four11 very popular i.e. Rocketmail. But after that Yahoo changed the name of this product became Yahoo! Mail. Then on July 21, 1999, Yahoo released one of the best-selling products i.e. Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! Mail is one of the services that have the most number of users, it is evident where an estimated half of its users from the total number of email users.While Yahoo! Messenger is still superior in the instant messenger service. After you guys know yahoo mail briefly, next I'll give a tutorial how to create a new yahoo email quickly and easily.

Ways to Set up a Yahoo! Mail Account

1. The first thing that you guys have to do is access the site, if you live in Indonesia usually directly will be heading to the service of yahoo Indonesia beginning with "id" in front of it.

2. After you guys get into yahoo's main view, you can see on the right and left of the screen. There is the Mail menu, please all of you select and click one of the Mail menus. For more details look at the image below.

Right Of The Display Screen

The Look Of The Left Side Of The Screen

3. The next page will appear as shown below. Then please select list

4. The next page will appear containing fouler for you guys fill in personal data of you. You can use the data on the ID CARD. Just look at the image below.

1. First name: fill in with the first name or the first name you guys.The example first name you guys Zaka.

2. Last name: enter the surname you guys. The instance name you guys Taub.

3. Email address: In this field, you will make you guys email address, usually when you guys steer column and clicking the "Email address" you will be given some names for you guys make the email address. Examples of options can you guys choose like ztarub, tarubz, tarub. z, zakatarub717, tarubzaka853.

4. Password: Fill with keyword/password, we recommend that you guys use a mix of letters and numbers, making it difficult to be guessed by others. I suggest don't use your date of birth or telephone number, use passwords difficult to guess by others yet easy for you guys memorized.

5. Mobile phone number: in this field, you can enter a no telephone you guys today, it aims to be able to receive the verification code to the account creation process.

6. Birth Month: enter the month of birth.

7. Day: fill in the date of birth you guys.

8. Year: Enter year of birth.

9. Gender (optional): please you guys choose the gender you choose Male (male) or Female (woman).

The following example image data can you guys fill.

5. After you guys fill in data in full, please click Continue as in the picture above. 

6. the Next page will appear containing the command to receive a verification code email account, you can use the option Text me an Account Key (code sent via SMS) or Call me with an Account Key (code notified via telephone call). 

7. Once it is there will be call or SMS on your mobile phone, please enter the verification code and select Verify.

8. next picture will appear as below, that means you already managed to create a yahoo email. Then please you guys click on Let's get started.

9. Congratulations you guys have managed to figure out how to make new email in yahoo. Next, you guys will be taken to the account page of Ymail.

So this tutorial I created as accurately as possible so that you more easily understand and try it how do I create a new yahoo email.