Sign up for Gmail | How to Create a Gmail Account

This time I will discuss and give a tutorial on how to list latest Gmail for you. I will explain in full in order to make it easier to understand. But it is not complete if we did not know about the email itself. Therefore I will explain a bit about the email to add to our knowledge.

Understanding Email

Email or we are familiar with the "electronic mail" is a letter in electronic form which is used as a communication tool by sending messages in the form of data, text files, digital photos, or audio and video files. Currently use email more effectively than we use the post because we can send messages anywhere within a fast and low cost, since we only need the internet.

Indeed the use of email is almost the same with postal mail, the shipment included the address of the sender and the recipient address. It's just on the email we can be more practical and of course more efficiently. As for some of the benefits of an email I will discuss below: 

Email Benefits 

1. Email as a communication medium

Used as a means of communication between individuals or institutions, with a variety of formal communication purposes.

2. Email as the delivery Medium

Excellent delivery helps us in the form of data, text, audio and video for all people around the world in a short time even in a matter of seconds. Of course, it makes shipping more effectively.

3. Email as Promotional Media

With the advent of the community using online deals buying and selling to a variety of media on the internet as a tool to promote products that are marketed, this is no exception. If we have an online business, we can promote business products that we have by sending various things about our products to our customer's email address.

4. Email as a medium of information

By using email, you can get the latest information from various sources by becoming customers of the media you have selected.

5. Email as a medium to Create Websites and Social Media

Email is one of the requirements when he wanted to make a good account of that account's website or social media accounts like facebook. twitter. or google and others.

The exposure on the top is a bit of information about the next email I will explain how the Gmail Email list. The following step by step guide for a list of Gmail email please note:

How to Create a Second Gmail Account

1. The first step, please visit after that the display will appear as shown below. Then notice at the bottom there is an option "Create account"

2. After that will appear a page that contains the form you have to fill in as the picture below.

3. next fill in the data form that must be filled to guide your content.
  • Name: fill in your name, where there are two columns in the first column of the content with your first name and the second column contents with Your last name.
  • Choose your username: enter your full name without spaces and unique because it will be your email address. In filling this name, you should not use your real name so that unlike the others, You can combine it with numbers. Examples of filling in the name of "akukamu" when a POPs description as below.

That username is taken. Try another.
Available: akuk93551     kamu89200

The name you entered is already in use in other people "available" there are options that you can use as your email address. Such as the choice of akuk93551 or kamu89200, so you can choose one of the options.
  • Create a password: in this field you must enter the password/password. try to create a password in a mix of letters and numbers making it difficult to be guessed by others. To note when you enter the password giving of uppercase and lowercase letters to the authenticity of the password so that it is very important and don't use your date of birth no hp and more related to You so that it is not easy to guess by the evil person.
  • Confirm your password: On the next column please re-enter password/password that you entered in the "Create a password" previously.
  • Birthday: Enter your date of birth, there is a three column, there are columns of Month (month), Day (date), Year (year).
  • Gender: Please click and select your gender, there were three options i.e. Female (male), Male (female), Other (other).
  • Mobile phone: Please enter your phone number (can also not filled).
  • Your current email address: enter the email address you currently have (could also not filled) so skip it.
  • Location: On this column usually is already directly, as you can see in the picture above, in the column "Segregation" was elected Indonesia.
If Your data is already filled all the next steps and then click blue box with the words "Next step" on the bottom. 

4. next display will appear as shown below.

5. when the display appears as above, point your cursor on the page and then scroll down to the box with the words "I AGREE" (I agree) to the color blue. Next, click the blue box "I AGREE"

6. then will appear a page like an image below, then click the blue box with the words "Continue to Gmail".

7. the next page will appear Next, notice the image below please click the "X" on the top right corner.

8. Congratulations you've managed to make a Gmail email account.

Very easy? Hopefully the above guidelines can be easily for you to try so that you no longer need to ask for help to a friend because you already know how to gmail email list.