How To Use Instagram's Live Video Streaming Feature

Live broadcast via social media is not hard to do. Now Instagram also issued a direct broadcast feature to its users. This live video features integrated into Instagram Stories. In contrast to other chat applications, live video can be the replay, on Instagram those features are not available. So only once broadcast only, without could be repeated.

Instagram Live is now starting to be used by all users Instagram. This is emphasized by the CTO and CEO Instagram, namely Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. They both did a live broadcast during the launch event Live via Instagram official account Instagram.

For the moment, Instagram Live streaming video may be used by Instagram users in the United States. However, this CEO Instagram promises if Instagram Live video will soon be able to be enjoyed by all users worldwide, including user Instagram in Indonesia.

For those of you who don't know, Instagram Live is the latest feature of the Instagram that allows users to record live video action on a moment's notice. With Instagram Live streaming, users or followers Instagram could see a live broadcast from account Instagram that they follow.
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How to Live Stream Instagram

Surely you've been very intrigued with this one. If so, please refer to the steps below carefully.

  • Swipe or slide the screen to the right to get into Instagram Stories
  • On the bottom, there is a new option "Live" besides "Normal" and "Boomerang" that already comes first there.
  • Press the button "Start Live Video" to start the broadcast.

how to instagram live video

  • If someone that you follow is doing a live broadcast, then it would appear the sign "Live" below the profile photo that looks at bar stories on the main page. You can make a comment or like or give as much as you want to the broadcaster.
  • You can also check the category "Top Live" to see the ongoing broadcast group. Enough with the way the shift to the left and to the right to switch to another video.
  • Now the follower you can already see the live broadcast you with the maximum duration of one hour. To turn off the comments field when you're live on Instagram, tap "Turn Off Commenting". Don't forget if it's over live video tap "End" in the upper corner and confirmation then will perform a number of view last watch video live thou on Instagram.

As an alternative to other applications, features Instagram Live quite interesting right? Unfortunately, it is not yet known when this feature will certainly begin to present globally. The Instagram party simply saying that Live Video from Instagram will be available a few weeks into the future.

This time, an update on the latest Instagram, feature stories similar to this Snapchat already appeared on Instagram Direct or message Instagram.
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How to Send Stories Instagram via Instagram Direct Message

It's easy when you create new stories, you will find the button "send stories" to your friends.

On the features of direct stories, you can use all of the features are exactly the same as what exists in stories. This means that you can also use the Boomerang or any mention of friends.

Back to the initial topic, Instagram seems immediately follows Facebook to focus on the video experience for its users. And proven today, Instagram released two updates are very important.
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The first is the Live Video on Instagram Stories. How do I use it? Check out the following tutorials.

How to Go LIVE on Instagram Stories 

  • First step: Swipe right from feed Instagram to open the camera, then click Start Live Video. (Same as the way above)
  • Second step: similar to Facebook, you'll get a notification when you started doing live streaming.
  • The third step: hold how long, ye will do live stories. And when you are finished doing so, stories will disappear automatically from the application.
  • When someone is Live Stories, you will see a sign "Live" under their profile. You can comment and like when they did a live broadcast Instagram Stories.
  • With the above two features, Instagram would certainly be more enjoyable. At least, we can broadcast live important moments easily and we can also share videos Instagram Stories privately to a particular person.
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To use this feature, do not forget to always update your Instagram app via AppStore or Play Store . Can already use Live Instagram Stories?

Hopefully, this article useful for you and can update your knowledge, particularly about social media. Thank you.