How to Sign Out of Gmail

Before discussing more this tutorial we'll describe in outline the differences of Gmail application with google chrome application. Outline application for Android that is associated with another person or pecuniary (Gmail, BBM, FB, twitter, playstore) always need an email account to use it, the reason is, of course, to protect accounts from theft or misuse. While for those who access Gmail with chrome browser application, Gmail accounts that you use it can be different with your account in the Gmail app. The mean google chrome browser and Gmail applications you can access two Gmail accounts are different.

As we know up to now is that Google account is the account of the most important must owned by every Android user. With a Google account that is attached to the Android, all Internet activities certainly are running smoothly. Enough with one account then you can use all of the products which are owned by Google, especially Google Play Store.

One of the most interesting things from Android is Sync feature. What is synchronization?  synchronization is The online backup feature between the Android with Google's servers (Google drives). The presence of these features all data from your contacts, messages, and chat will be backed up through Google's Online Cloud Drive. In addition, a large selection of free applications available to users of Android as Google Investigation, Google Chrome, Google Google, Plus Drive, Google Google Store, Play Music, Play Hangout, YouTube, Maps (GPS), and others.

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But there is one thing that makes Android users feel confused, what is it? How to get out of Gmail on Android. The Gmail application is not available the Logout button, it means that it doesn't sign out of Gmail Application. But there are other ways that may yet you should know about how to get out of the Gmail account Android. For more details about this, please refer to the steps the steps log out of Gmail below.

How to Logout of Gmail Account

How to Sign Out of Gmail on Android

  • Go to the menu "Settings", and then tap on the "Accounts".

how to sign out of gmail on android

  • The next step, tap on the menu "Google".

how to sign out of gmail on android phone

  • Then you will be directed to the email account you use to login in Gmail application. Click on that section.

how to sign out of gmail on your android device

  • In the menu "Remove account" Tap on that section. Your Gmail accounts already logout or exit. To enter again you can use the same email or replace it with another email.

how to sign out of gmail on your android phone

  • Finish.

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How to Sign Out of Gmail on Computer

On the browser Chrome and Firefox: 

  • Please go to your Gmail account page via computer.
  • Then try to see the profile photos of your Gmail account on upper right corner of your computer screen.
  • Click the profile photo.
  • After that select and click "Sign Out".

For more details, please see the image below.

automatically sign out gmail

Out of the Chrome Settings:

  • Click the menu icon "More" in the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser page.
  • After that click on "Settings".

gmail sign up account

  • On the page "Settings" Please see the "Sign In" next click "Disconnect your Google Account ...".

how to sign out of gmail on computer
  • Next will appear in a pop-up "Disconnect your Google Account" Click "Sign Out".

how to sign out of gmail on browser
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