How to Delete Whatsapp Account Permanently

Are you already bored with chat service? Using several services chat to keep in touch with friends and family began to feel like a burden? A lot of the reason people want to delete social media accounts. Whatever that reason is certain he's not using that account.

You may include people who have a lot of social media account and you already feel saturated. You want to remove one or all of your social media accounts you have. But now I will start with the service chat WhatsApp.

WhatsApp does indeed become one of the chat services that has many users. The service belongs to one of the largest social media companies Facebook is indeed becoming one of the favorite chat service community. Even so, there are just people who want to delete your account WhatsApp hers.
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Therefore, this time I will give you a tutorial on how to delete your WhatsApp account permanently . Before you follow any of these steps, make sure you're sure your WhatsApp account to delete. And you should understand what will happen if your WhatsApp account deleted. Please check out what will happen if you remove your WhatsApp account below.

What Happens When You Delete Your WhatsApp Account?

When you delete an account Your WhatsApp, the following things will happen:
  • Your phone number is no longer in touch with WhatsApp.
  • Your account will be removed from the favorite WhatsApp list of your friend.
  • Your account will be removed from all groups WhatsApp.
  • The conversation your WhatsApp and media will be erased in the app
  • Your service payment information will be deleted from the server WhatsApp

Keep in mind, you can still reactivate your account by registering Your phone number again, or some other, but you should consider making a backup of the data your the first WhatsApp.

 How to Backup WhatsApp Data

If you think to want to return using WhatsApp, don't forget to backup data of your WhatsApp? Like chats, contacts, calls, and media before deleting your account.

You can turn on automatically by pressing the Auto Backup and then choose the frequency of Your backups. For your information, backup WhatsApp saved to iCloud, iTunes or Google Drive, as part of your complete device backup.

You will be able to restore from a backup stored WhatsApp, after activating the service on the same phone number. You will not be able to restore your chat history from your account registered WhatsApp with different phone numbers.
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How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account

  • Open WhatsApp application on your mobile.
  • Select "Settings" and then select "Account".
  • Next select "Delete My Account".

how to delete whatsapp account

  • Enter your phone number with country code to continue.
  • If you have finished filling in, please click "Delete My Account" at the bottom.
  • Now, your WhatsApp account already deleted from your phone.

How to Reactivate Your Whatsapp Account

  1. If when you delete your WhatsApp account, you also delete WhatsApp application on your mobile phone, then you should plug it back in your mobile phone. You can download it in Play Store for Android user and in App store for iOS users.
  2. If you have installed WhatsApp application in your mobile phone, please open the WhatsApp application.
  3. Next, you must re-registering your phone number that you use on WhatsApp account first.
  4. Next, enter the verification code which consists of 6 digits which are sent via SMS to your mobile phone number. If the sim card of your phone number installed on your mobile phone, so the verification process will be done automatically.

delete whatsapp account and register again

How to Restore WhatsApp Backup

Later after reinstalling Whatsapp on your mobile phone, and when you're done with the activation of the sim card which is used there will be a notification from Google's Drive to regain your Whatsapp chat backups. Just click "Restore" to backup files to regain Whatsapp. Similarly, if you are using a new cell phone. The process is the same for the new phones use sim card number to Whatsapp and the same Google account.

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