How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Backup

Chat services like WhatsApp is very useful for us. We can communicate with anyone as a family, friends, and co-workers. Of course, for some people that are not the WhatsApp just for communication but more than that, especially those who use WhatsApp for the purposes of his business.

If WhatsApp that is very important, of course, we don't want to lose all the data such as conversations, contacts, files or media other that very you need its existence. Therefore, so that you not to lose your important data on your WhatsApp account, we recommend that you back up all the data of your WhatsApp. So, if your WhatsApp account deleted or you are using a new mobile phone, you can restore all the data.
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So, now I will give a tutorial on how to backup and restore your WhatsApp account. For those of you who want to know more of this tutorial, please visit website,refer to the steps below.

How to Backup WhatsApp

There are two ways to backup your chat, contacts, etc on Whatsapp.
  1. Automatic Backup on Google Drive.
  2. Backup manually.
Automatic backup on Google Drive is one of the new features on Whatsapp. If you haven't got the latest update Whatsapp could use the second way. The second way above can also be used to transfer chat Whatsapp data to the new mobile phone.

How to Backup Whatsapp Data to Google Drive

  • Run WhatsApp in your mobile phone.
  • Tap the menu icon in the top right corner of the screen. After that tap on "Settings"

 How to backup WhatsApp
  • Next tap "Chats", then tap "Chat backup".

how to backup whatsapp chat

At the Google Drive settings:

  1. Back up to Google Drive: Tap on this section to choose the time backup: Daily-Weekly-Monthly-Never-Only when I tap "Backup".
  2. Account: Tap accounts to choose your Google account.
  3. Back up over: Here there are two options depending on the type of internet connection that your phone uses. Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi or Cellular.
  4. Bottom, Include videos: Tap on the small box to tick if you want to backup including video.
  • Tap "BACK UP", and wait for the process to complete.

how to backup whatsapp chat to pc

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How to Restore WhatsApp Data From Google Drive

Later after reinstalling Whatsapp on your mobile phone, and when you're done with the activation of the sim card number which is used there will be a notification from Google's Drive to get again your Whatsapp chat backups. Just tap "Restore" to get again your Whatsapp chat backups. Similarly, if you are using the new mobile phone. The process is the same for the new mobile phone using Whatsapp to sim card number and the same Google account.

how to restore whatsapp backup from google drive

How to Backup WhatsApp Data Manually

Manually backup as an alternative if your WhatsApp no automatic backup features via Google Drive.
Backup to MicroSD external memory.

  • Run the File Manager application > Internal Storage.
  • Locate and open the WhatsApp folder > Databases folder
  • There are plenty of backup files. The format of the file like this: "msgstore-2016-04-30. db. crypt". Select the last date or "today". Or it could be seen from the capacity of the file. Search that the biggest.
  • Tap in a few seconds the backup file until a tick appears > tap Menu icon > tap Copy to/Move to.
  • Select MicroSD > Specify the folder or create a new folder by tapping the "+" up top.
  • And then tap "OK". Backup files already stored on MicroSD external memory.

how to backup whatsapp manually

  • If you want to be stored on a computer or laptop, connect the phone with the USB cable to the computer. From the computer, open Windows Explorer. Search WhatsApp folders  > Databases. Then copy the last backup file to your computer.
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How to Restore WhatsApp Backup

1. How to Restore WhatsApp Backup on Old Phone

  • Reinstall WhatsApp on your mobile.
  • After WhatsApp installed and verify your phone number/sim card is completed, WhatsApp do not open or run, before restoring the backup files.
  • Use the file manager to restore a backup Whatsapp file that is stored in the MicroSD into Databases Whatsapp folders. Before it was returned to the Whatsapp folder, date of backup files deleted. For example, the backup file is shaped like this: "msgstore-2016-04-30. db. crypt". Delete the date, set like this: "msgstore. db. crypt". To rename the backup file:
  1. Tap in a few seconds to appear check mark.
  2. Tap the "Menu icon".
  3. Tap "Rename", and then delete the date format as above, and tap "OK".
  • If already on the rename, tap in a few seconds again until it appears tick marks.
  • Tap "Menu icon" > tap Copy to/Move to.
  • Select the internal Storage.
  • Locate and open the Whatsapp folder > Databases folder . And then tap an "OK".
  • If there are no folder Databases, you can create it by clicking the "+" sign at the top. And make sure the Databases folder is inside the folder Whatsapp.
  • Run the Whatsapp and follow the steps to setup the profile.

 2. How to Restore WhatsApp Backup on New Phone 

  1. Remove the Whatsapp on the old mobile phone by way:

    Settings > Apps > search WhatsApp > tap Uninstall.
  2. Move the MicroSD and sim card number registered to Whatsapp.
  3. Once installed, WhatsApp does not open or run before you restore the backup files.
  4. The next step is the same as step 3 – 8 above.
Hopefully, the above tutorial about "how to backup or restore WhatsApp data" can help you. The above tutorial is very useful under certain circumstances such as when you want to reset your mobile phone because of it, the android system files update requirement for doing backups. As do the downgrade operating system android, switch to a new phone. Good luck.