Facebook Messenger | How to Logout of Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social media among others. The much of Facebook users in the world be caused because the Facebook features a very complete rather than with social media. Where you can do video calling, create groups, upload photos, send messages and many more exciting features offered by Facebook . It's been a lot of discussion about Facebook that we have already discussed in this createregisteraccount.com, for this time we will discuss the features of Facebook send messages using Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is one of the artificial application of Facebook that is very beneficial for users of Facebook . With this application, you can send messages to your Facebook friends quickly like messages, WhatsApp, BBM and others. With the ease of that then there are already millions of people who have been using messenger Facebook application to send messages quickly. But there are many users who complained about this application, it complained of the users Facebook messenger i.e. absence feature log out or exit.

There are several reasons why someone would want to get out of Facebook messenger like was tired, often sending messages are not important, wanting to change into account and others. But calm just because there are a few tips to be able to log out or exit from Facebook messenger first way you just need to do a uninstall your Facebook messenger application, then install again. Before you perform the uninstall, you should first back up the application. To view a complete tutorial, please follow the tutorial below:

How to Sign Out of Facebook Messenger

1. How to Logout From Facebook Messenger in Android

facebook messenger

  • Open the menu "Settings".

  • Go to and tap the menu "Apps".

  • Open the menu running applications.

  • Here you will see some of the applications that are currently running, please select (tap) Facebook Messenger application.

  • Next, tap the "Clear Data".

download facebook messenger

  • Next, try opening the Facebook Messenger application again, then you will see a display of log in Facebook Messenger. There is two menu that you can select, select "CONTINUE AS. ..." If you want to log in with the same account or select "SWITCH ACCOUNT" If you want to log in with a different account.

2. Shorter Alternative: How to Logout of Messenger App

facebook messenger free

  •  Tap and hold the Facebook messenger application icon on the homescreen.

  • Next select the icon "Remove/Uninstall"

  • Then Facebook Messenger application on your phone will be erased.

If you want to use Messenger Facebook application, please download Facebook Messenger and install again.

3. How to Logout From Messenger iPhone 6

Follow the simple steps given below to immediately log out of Facebook Messenger on your iPhone.

how to logout of facebook messenger

  • First, open the "Facebook app" on your iPhone and make sure that you have logged in as the same user you use on Facebook Messenger.

  • Now, you need to tap the "More Button" that are in the tab bar.

  • Now you can see a list of options, you need to tap on Settings > > Security. Then you need a little scroll down and select "Active Sessions".

  • Now, you will get a list that indicates the your "Active Sessions". Here, you can see all the locations where you log in to your Facebook account recently.

  • Simply tap on the button "Close" to turn off your active session from that location.

  • Now you have successfully logged out from Facebook Messenger on the iPhone 6/6Plus/6S/6SPlus.

I think the above tutorial is very easy for you to follow. Hopefully the articles about Logout from Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android could be useful for you. Thank you.