Facebook Login Mobile Android | Download Facebook App For Android

Mobile Facebook users continue to grow, It can be seen by the growing number of facebook applications downloaded on mobile. Be it on an Android, Blackberry, iOS, Java, Symbian, and windows phone, etc.

With the Facebook application on your phone, now you can update status, upload photos/videos, you can even receive notifications if there is a notification on your Facebook account. Practical enough right?

Along with the development of technology, a variety of social networking have always done the update features, including Facebook. Until now, Facebook continues to innovate against the features that he had. And Facebook is one one of the social networking have that feature complete.
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If you try to download facebook for android in Play Store, then you will find 2 application most downloaded, namely Facebook Lite version and a Facebook Katana version. If you ask which is better? Then the answer both those applications have advantages and disadvantages.

So this time I will give you a link to facebook download for android for you install on your mobile phone by free and I'll also guide you when first sign into Facebook applications.

Facebook Katana Version 

Please download and install the Facebook katana version here.

Next please click "Install"

Wait until the process and install is complete.

Next, please open the facebook app download for android.

How to log in Facebook app

The picture above is example display welcome to facebook login sign in of Facebook applications, then you should do:
  1. Enter your email address or your phone number on "Email or Phone"
  2. Next, enter the password of your facebook account.
  3. This last one, click" LOG IN".

Now you've had a successful fb login welcome facebook using facebook application on your mobile phone.

Next, I will give you a quick Facebook application and lightweight for a phone that has a capacity of RAM small namely Facebook Lite version. The following for you:

Facebook LiteVersion 

Please download and install the Facebook Lite version here.

Wait until the process and install is complete.

Next, please open the Facebook Lite application on your mobile phone.

How to log in Facebook Lite app

The above is the display of fb login fb facebook the facebook lite applications. If you access facebook applications lite on your mobile phone, So the display of log in the facebook lite as shown above. Next steps you have to do is:

  1. In the column "Email or Mobile Number" you must enter your email address or your phone number that you use when creating a Facebook account.
  2. In the column "Password" you need to enter your facebook password.
  3. The next step, click the button "Log In".

Comparison Of Facebook Applications Katana & Facebook Lite

Katana is a facebook application in application design with the emphasis on appearance and navigation are easy to operate. This application will run normally with 3 g network connection and minimum mobile device specifications required with 1 GB of ram so that the application runs normally. With the design of a great view, affect the size/size of this application that has a size of more than 40 MB. The advantages of this application that is located on the design, display, and graphics so it is very easy to operate and almost all the features of the desktop version of facebook can already run on facebook this katana.

Inversely proportional to the facebook application katana, FB lite application thus has a very small size in the range of 1 MB. The application has a small size because it is designed for users with the limited network connection is unstable or slow. In addition, is designed for users with slow internet access, the application is also designed for users with mobile device specifications are minimal. This application can run normally although in 2 G internet network.

With excess owned applications facebook lite, of course also have some drawbacks, namely the display and the graphics are not as good as the katana, facebook how to operate that are not as easy as facebook katana and many features of facebook desktop version not available/not able to run on Facebook lite

Thus the discussion of 2 Facebook application is mostly used by Facebook users. May be useful and good luck.